Tennessee Bob’s Rancho Del Fuego Hot Sauces

Robert D. Vasvary’s

Tennessee Bob and the Pepper People of

Rancho Del Fuego

The rules have changed at El Rancho Del Fuego between man and Earth’s creatures. This enchanted place brings humans and earthly species down to the same playing field.  It is here where Tennessee Bob and his residents co-exist in a symbiotic manner, sharing the same planet. Time and space will never be the same. From many different time periods come this cast of Capsaicin Marauders in the form of Pepper People. They all suffered tragedies in their past human form and they appear here on the ranch re-incarnated from many different eras throughout human history.

The first time Bob realized he could actually talk with The Pepper People was upon the arrival of Jalapeño Jack. Of course Ole Bob thought he had lost his mind, until his family and everyone on the ranch could talk with them as well.

Outside the gate the rules do not apply. But within the ranch they all enjoy each other as if they were one in the same; just another of God’s lovely creations. It is almost like the relationship between demi-Gods and the greek Gods themselves. It is here where the most spicy soldiers of humanity come together to live in harmony with the earth.

These savory characters are nothing less that a circus act in the eyes of the modern world but to them, they are the  last earthly crew of the Jolly Roger! The rumor has it that this is the resting place of the worlds El Dorados and they have taken up arms defending the fortress from outsiders, reincarnated as peppers!

Throughout the years this band of gypsies will have battled iguanas with a palate for capsicums, killer vines, rouge tomatoes, fiery soldier ants and even fierce fungus. I hope you enjoy these fantasy tales! But first allow me to introduce you to the cast!

Bienvenidos mi amigos Calientes!

The Cast

Tennessee Bob

The founder of El Rancho Del Fuego is Tennessee Bob. Straight out of the Appalachian mountains, this man lends heart and mind to humble, down to earth simple folk. Campfires blaze while songs are sung, folks play and dance around the fire. That is the mind of this homegrown Hillbilly.  More

Tennessee Bob Blog

Jalapeño Jack

Jack was the first of the world’s refugees to find his way to the ranch. Being that he is most renowned of all the Pepper People, he is the main char-acter. He just popped off the truck after a trip to the market. Once he showed up on Bob’s ranch, they all started coming. Even the local women started changing into sweet Bell Peppers. More

Jalapeño Jack Blog

Jalapeño Jack 1

Howdy folks!  Meet my little pepper friend Jalapeno Jack! Jack was the first of the world’s refugees to find his way to the ranch. Being

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Happy Habanero

Happy’s real name is Javier and he is HOT (at least that’s what the girls say)! Born in Tijuana, he moved to California after High School and became a surfer. He did quite well working in surf hops. He auditioned for Baywatch but didn’t make the cut because his eyes were always a bit red.  More

Happy Habanero Blog

Happy Habanero

Happy Sauce was my first creation. The first thing you will taste is the essence of the Habanero! With this pepper’s heat, you’re gonna get

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Happy Junior

Happy Junior and his father, Happy Habanero are two of the more spicy pep-pers on the ranch. If spicy equates to spastic then then Junior is high on that scale and full of life! The Sweet Bells love them both, but Happy Jr. is their boy! Happy Junior does not remember his old life.  More

Happy Junior Blog

Jim Grim

Ole Jim is not one to reckon with. He is the baddest of all the Ranch-ero’s. He came to us from the Wild Wild West. He is a gambler, cowboy and a snake. When Jim gives you that look and crooked smile (somewhat like The Grinch) and the end of his lips curl up high, you feel like you just lost your More

Jim Grim Blog

Pablo Pablano

Pablo comes from Puebla Mexico. His nickname is Ancho ( from the ancho chile). He is a big strong farmer’s son, and his heart is warm like that of a young spirited boy. He has a fondness for cattle rustling, a skill his father taught him. He can lasso a steer five times his size (well, when he was a man). More

Pablo Pablano Blog

Ma- La Abuela

The real Goddess of the Ranch and the one maintains tranquility is “La Abuela”, the Grand-Ma of The Pepper People.. This woman, now trans-formed from person into a pepper is from the Ecuador. She is saint-like, and is referred to as the Mother of the Earth, La Ma de la Tierra, or simply,…La Ma!  More

Ma- La Abuela Blog


Rico is Ma’s son, Bob’s brother in law. When they came to live on El Rancho from Quito, Rico was a young professional man doing well in his career. He never expected that one day, just like Ma, he would wake up and see a pepper in the mirror! He took it really hard! He is always saying “Why, why, why me? More

Rico Blog


Ty a Thai pepper. He is small and fiery. They call him an ornamental pepper, but he is not pretty like an ornament and he is definitely mental. He can really get Jim Grim’s goat. Ty thinks he is hotter, but that is not the case. Jim is still the hottest in the land. More

Ty Blog

Cayenne Dan

Dan is Cajun fo’ sho’, but comes from Native-American Indian des-cent. He has deep Creole drawl. Back in the pioneering days of the pilgrims, the US Army drove out many of his Choctaw tribes west of the Mississippi. After the 1831, Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, some Choctaws were chosen  More

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Rasta is one cool pepper dude, but will burn you if you aren’t cool with him. This Scotch Bonnet pepper is hotter than Happy. Well Happy doesn’t think so. There is a rivalry here because both of these guys are so HOT! On the ranch they are always competing for the sweet Bells attention.  More

Rasta Blog


This Serrano Pepper Person was a gangster in the roaring twenties. He is always packing heat and is always standing by to be anyone’s hit man, especially Bob’s. He is ready to do whatever needs to be done, for better or for much worse.
As a human, he was gunned down by another gang, More

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