Tennessee Bob’s Rancho Del Fuego Hot Sauces


Robert Vasvary’s Attack of the Hungry Iguanas is Available now for purchase in print!


Life is good on the ranch! Every week it seems more pepper people show up out of the thin air high up in the Ecuadorian Andes mountains. These rancheros share this tranquil little spot of rich, enchanted land, work the soil and provide for themselves, far removed from today’s harsh modern world. One day, they discover that something is eating their crops. They all gather to defend their Rancho Del Fuego and find the intruders. A search begins and they find the culprits; large starving Iguanas who had lost their homes from deforestation, just down the mountain in the Amazon Jungle and had migrated desperately into the Andes Mountains. There is a huge confrontation and much excitement that day! Just like any day on El Rancho, everything works out fine and harmony is soon regained! Join us around the campfire as Bob spins his tales of the fun, adventures, and mishaps on El Rancho Del Fuego. More folklore coming your way in the many upcoming series!