Tennessee Bob’s Rancho Del Fuego Hot Sauces


Happy Sauce was my first creation. The first thing you will taste is the essence of the Habanero with this pepper’s het you are bound to get some redness in your face and some sweat on your brow! All my red sauces contain heaping helpings of Paprika! This Hungarian pepper adds much richness and thick consistency to my red sauces. This was the first sauce I created and a standard item on our table.


Scoville Rating Units:
Habaneros- 100,000 to 350,000

Pairing Suggestions

-Anything that needs a kick!
-Soups or chili

Happy Habanero

Happy’s real name is Javier and he is HOT (at least that’s what the girls say)! Born in Tijuana, he moved to California after High School and became a surfer. He did quite well working in surf hops. He auditioned for Baywatch but didn’t make the cut because his eyes were always a bit red. Happy is a California surfer dude. When he was about twenty-two, he met this girl named Josie, a beautiful Desert Rose of sorts from the Valley, who was just his type and they fell in love. Happy couldn’t have been any happier. Then one day he got the news he was going to be a father. Josie’s Dad hated him and threated to kill Happy, so they packed up and eloped to Colorado. Nine months later they had Happy Junior, a real cutie-pie!
Life was grand. He was now in his happy zone! He and Josie worked at the Ski resort. All was well for them until one day there came a huge Avalanche. Happy and Junior lost their loving Josie while she was giving skiing lessons on the slope. Traumatized, the boys took a flying leap off a snowy mountain cliff to join her. They did not get to be with her. Instead, they found themselves walking down a dirt road road that led them to Rancho Del Fuego, where they were welcomed by Bob and family. They were the next Pepper People to show up on the ranch.
Happy still recalls his love for Josie but cannot see her face, he only remembers her as his “Desert Rose”. There is a big hole in his heart that cannot be filled. He has resorted back to his California daze before meeting his soul mate and is again a ladies man.
After their arrival, many locals started showing up, mostly as Sweet Bells. No local men have transformed,..yet. Happy loves all the Bells and they are always charmed by him. He is handsome, flirty and a bit overconfident, just like the surfer dude typecast.