Tennessee Bob’s Rancho Del Fuego Hot Sauces


Robert Vasvary’s Tennessee Bob and the Pepper People of Rancho del Fuego is Available now for purchase in print!

This first book in the series (with many adventures to come) is a biography of sorts that describes all the spicy characters of El Rancho Del Fuego, their previous human lives before their reincarnation, and the wonderful sauces created in their image.
From different time periods, historical events, and places around the globe, come these spicy characters and their stories are nothing less than tragedies UNTIL they make it to the ranch!  Most of them do not recall their previous mortal lives and have faded memories through dreams and epiphanies.
Of course, Bob’s family went through the metamorphosis without tragedy. They merely transformed overnight. They truly believe God ushered them over to the ranch to be with the others in order to maintain tranquility and unity in this happy place!
Each sauce has its own personality and flavor that has been handcrafted with love by Tennessee Bob, all starting in with Happy Habanero in his organic backyard garden! Much thanks to Kristine Lucco, a locally famous artist who helped Bob create these characters!
Celebrate our fifteen artisan handcrafted flavors while reading about them in this book. It is an entertaining and comical conversation piece!


Next, you can read the children’s/teen books and enjoy the adventures on the ranch as they face adversity and come to terms with other species of our beautiful Planet Earth in these perilous times. Attack of the Hungry Iguanas is a showdown with Iguanas that were driven out of the Amazon due to deforestation. The Condors’ Condo demonstrates the symbiotic nature of all species on Earth and teaches our youth how precious life is and how we need to help others and nurture constructive relationships between us and all living creatures!
The cookbook and more stories are on their way, along with film adaptation. All of us on the ranch are dreaming of the big screen!