Tennessee Bob’s Rancho Del Fuego Hot Sauces


Robert Vasvary’s ~ The Condors Condo ~


Nestled high in the Andes Mountains, life is grand, especially during those fun nights by the campfire when everyone is celebrating their fantasy life and home, El Rancho Del Fuego. This night is especially fun until there is a flyby from a Condor, disrupting the festivities. Legend has it, these massive creatures never come out at night and everyone is spooked. The next morning an incredible encounter occurs with the Condors again and lives are at stake. Happy Junior rises up, becomes the hero of the day and the Condors become the latest new allies with The Pepper People of El Rancho Del Fuego! Stay tuned as Tennessee Bob spins tales of his new life with family and The Pepper People. More stories to come and encounters with Fiery Ants, Fierce Fungus, and Rogue Tomatoes! The Finale of all these tales will come in an epic story of the end of days when the Pepper People attempt to save all humanity.